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First Mot Query

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Had a letter through the post the other day from lexus informing me that my first MOT is due on 01/02/05, but my car was actually registered 11/01/02. Do you get till the end of the month when the first MOT is due or would this just be an admin error?

Will Lexus have to stand to anything the car might fail on on its first MOT as the car will still be under warrenty? Any idea how much the test will be at Lexus?

If I have it done at my local test centre, and it fails on something thats covered by the warrenty, are Lexus still obliged to cover it?

Sorry for all the questions and happy new year! :winky:


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MOT test is a set price, some places may discount it but you cannot be charged extra. I think it's just over £42.

Get the MOT done before the warranty runs out and provided failed parts are not due to wear and tear they will be covered.

I would get it done at your Lexus dealer although my local dealer had a 3 week waiting list so book in early.

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Thanks Colin. Might as well just book it in then. Just thought it was strange how they think its due on 01/02/05 when the car was registered on 11/01/05.

Anyone know what the law is on tyres for the MOT. My car needs geometery sorting badly as the front inner edges are near bold on 1/4 of the inner tread, and the rest of the tyres on both fronts have at least 6mm left!?!?! Are they actually still legal as I'm sure ive heard somewhere that as long as 3/4 are above the legal limit, then your ok?

Thanks, Rich.

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Its probably more than 12.5% Colin. Its about 1.5 inch an the inside (the first section of tread).

If your taking it to Lex Sheffield ask them to fit the Goodyear GSDs at around £96.00 a corner and don't forget to use your gold membership to get a bit extra off.

It will be Lexus Sheffield yeah, i'll look into the Goodyears at that price. Might have all 4 and forget about the new wheels for the time being. Can't see the car failing on anything else really as its only on 35k.

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