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New Is200 Model

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I heard somewhere that Lexus are releasing a new GS series in April this year. However, someone also somewhere mentioned a new IS series due for release early 2006.

I think by now we have all seen the new GS. Has anyone seen or heard anything more about the new IS ? Also if this is true has anyone found any sneak pictures of it ?


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Just been chatting to Iain Moule at Lexus Croydon, and he was telling me he's seen pics of the new IS :blink:

He says it will be a 2.5 litre engine (193 BHP I think he said) out THIS September 2005!, with a 2.2 Diesel (160 something BHP) out in 2007 :hehe:

There will also be a 3.5 litre engine as well, with specs starting with the SE equivalent, and a Sport to follow.

You will be able to tell it is an IS model, but they have changed the rear lights to a similar style to the Alpha Romeos whereby they are in a "strip" side by side next to each other.

This is what I could remember of our conversation, which happened like 2 hours ago! :o

All very exciting!

Would be good if someone could get some pics posted... :ph34r:

Happy 2005 everyone!

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i suggest the search feature, all the info posted abouve has been discussed many many times....................

i have seen the car, in drawings........and will see the car in person soon.

NO UK dealer has seen the car...........most UK dealers get there infomation of here, from misinformed posts.

The new Diesel is 180hp :)

As for the 3.5, nothing has yet been confirmed

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