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I'm not 100% sure, but as far as i can remember, i've seen somewhere that you can adjust the boot springs on a gs, not sure if thats a mk1 or mk2, but they have both the springs and gas struts don't they? Might have been in the states can't remember exactly, hopefully someone else can shed some light on the subject :unsure:

For a fact on my dads old lexus gs300 mk1, the boot used to lift up slightly when remotely released from the dash, that was until the struts went, then it would slam shut if you weren't careful you got caught by it, and its not light :duh: Bear in mind it was really steady when up before the struts went.

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Mine did this as well but after nearly knocking the wife out I decided to replace them. Cost about £90. Now it pops up about an inch and stays up even in windy weather.

Rob - does yours have a spolier on mate, can't remember, maybe mine needs to be replacing then.

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Yes it has a spoiler but not as big as yours. When I purchased them I got import ones as code is differnt to uk ones and they said it was due to the spoiler being larger than uk version. They were £20 cheaper as well but took 3 weeks.

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