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Hi folks and happy new year to all you guys and gals.

After getting my car serviced by Lexus they came back with a safety report of any problems that should be addressed over the next year of so. This was quite sizeable and broken down to roughly the following:

New brakes pads and disks - 360ish & possible new front calipers - ???

4 :sick: new tyres (dunlops) - 127 per corner

New cambelt and tensioner - 280ish

Plus other little bits and bobs - 300ish

Would you say that this is too expensive?

If so is there any place up north (around Liverpool way) that anyone could recommend to do a good job at a reasonable price - I'm sure i thought I'd seen another post with a company in Warrington???

I might just get a new set of wheels with tyres 18's/19's which would solve one of the problems. :hehe: would I be as well joining Gold to get a bit of a saving? Especially as I would be looking at a body kit and maybe a supercharger in the near future (dependant on price).

Apologies if it's a bit of a rant.. :blush:

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The guy at Lexus thought that the way my pad/disc was worn could be caused by a caliper problem. However, when I took it back a week later to fit a new stereo they didn't menion this as a possible problem on a new safety report.

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hmmm, surely this has more to do with the mileage of the car, the time since the last disc/pad replacement (if ever) etc.

If I was you, i'd just use this as an opportunity to upgrade the discs and pads if they are worn.

I personally, wouldn't change the calipers. Especially if they only "think" that it might be the problem.

When were they last changed?

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Thanks for the advice. I've no idea when they were changed last :o as the the previous owners used it as a fleet car (all services doen by Lexus) but I know that one of the discs is about 70% worn. As I've got an MOT due I thought might as well get them done now rather than later.

Is that a good price by Lexus or are the ones suggested above just as good?

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