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Make Output Of An Is200


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A standard IS200 puts out 153bhp. If you do anything to it it's not standard.

Without putting on a supercharger or turbo then you really aren't going to get more than 170bhp.

Intake are exhaust are the starting points after that things get expensive.

Cheapest way to get an extra 50bhp is NOS although you will be limited on insurance companies then.

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dont take it above 225/250 on standard internals, unless you like to gamble with your life savings!

how can you say that Fidgits when you know the only Trubo IS , is pulling 280bhp with std internals ;) , my understanding is the IS is good for 300bhp on std inernals as long as you dont drive it hard all the time, all so Dave has 260bhp and all is ok, This is why im going for Turbo, then Internals latter in the year, to start of with i want 250-275bhp then when i drop the Internals in, im looking at geting 350bhp :whistling: + out of my IS

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Hi Guys,

I'm new here, but I've been doing a lot of reading/research on the IS200 engines.

The 1GFE engine was also in a Supra (1GGTE) with lower compression 8.5 with the std crank & con rods ( forged pistons req) and those easily saw 350 brake with a steel headgasket.

The standard con rods are rated for 400brake easy, so long as the engine is not treated as a TOURING CAR ENGINE.

This engine was also supercharged 1GGZE

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