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A Question For Colin/geoffers Perhaps?

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Is the factory Sat Nav Screen in the 1999 GS300 Sport touch screen?

and what size and shape is it?

also is there any way to add an RGB input. Im thinking of course of adding my carputer into the GS and if the screen can accept RGB and is not already touch screen I could get a touch screen overlay kit to control the PC

Fingers Crossed :winky: :whistling:

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It's possible to feed in an RGB input though.

Screen is used more than on the IS as you use it for Stereo, climate control, fuel computer as well as Sat Nav so you need an easy way to switch between the Lexus system and your PC.

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Is it wired like a traditional RGB Composite Sync setup? or more like a VGA system with H and V Sync?

ChunkyMonkey has a PC in his GS300 with stock satnav and used a Composite to RGB converter

but Im not sure how he switches between the cars controls and the PC

is there a BOX that does all the hard work?

I really like the idea of a clean factory look :)

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Hi Martain, very nice set up, got any current pics?

Did you add a Relay to the inputs for the TV adapter/satnav ?

also how did you intergrate the PC sound into the stock hifi?

its looking good

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Yes, the silver box in the pictures contains the display converter and also the relay which controls the switching between the pc and the sat nav display. I must thank Geoffers for his help with the rgb info.

The sound output from the carpc is integrated in to the stock amp. Let me know if you want me to send you the hookup diagram.

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The relay that switches the sound over is controlled by my carpc rather than a seperate switch. So that when I star Winamp one of the actions the software does is to switch the sound from the Lexus cd player to the carpc sound output. The Lexus Sat Nav can still be heard while playing mp3's as it uses a different input to the amp.

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