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Sponsor Aido For Back, Crack And Leg Wax.......


What should Aido have waxed  

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  1. 1. What should Aido have waxed

    • back, legs & inner thigh
    • back, legs, inner thigh & sac
    • back, legs, inner thigh, sac & eyebrows
    • back, legs, inner thigh, sac & MR T Hairdo

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Aido here, haven't got my account details at work though so logged in using this account..

I'm going to be raising some money at work for the recent events on the other side of the world, and I've agreed to go in for the back, crack, and leg wax....

They're trying to persuade me to do the sac too but I'm scared :o

Just wondered if any of you guys would be interested in sponsoring me?

No details are concrete yet so will update this thread tonight.

Thanks in advance

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It will be in Chesterfield mate sometime in the forseeable future...

This is just so wrong :(

Steve, I thought you were my mate, I'd be like a newborn baby having that done :crying:

But if the money's good enough :whistling:

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I'm not doing the eyebrows you bellends!!!!

It's bad enough having my sac scraped, it'll be like being ten again, and I'm only doing that if they raise enough money (the bellends from work are reading this too now it's flying round the office - hello bellends :o )

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