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Lexus Keyrings And Gear Shift Nob With Logo


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My dealer gave me one when I asked nicely when car was being serviced 'cos my old one has snapped :D

Also buy direct of the Lexus UK website along with all the other Lexus branded "stuff" you can get. Gear Shift Radio anyone :sick:

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I have these key rings


Two new ones (without cases). One has a small scratch as can bee seen in this picture (it's a very small scratch! - just under the L symbol and is very slight, looks worse in teh picture)


For scale relative to the Lexus car Key...


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i got the same ones as jiberjaber when i got my is200 the other day. thats all i got though, half a tank of petrol and no other freebies :( really wanted a cargo net to secure things in that big ol' boot of mine

I got a full tank with mine as I was on the way from London back to teh Boro when I picked up the car :)

The two key rings I have are up for grabs if any one wants to make me an offer. They do not come with the tin they came in however as the gf has knicked those for her use (keeps her happy I suppose bless :) )

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