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Goodyear Eagle F1 Gs-d3 Xl


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I got some new tyres on tuesday for the car some Eagle F1's, They have just transformed the car, it had 2 new cooper zeons put on the back when i got a few weeks ago and i thought id sort the front ones out now as there is was a "little" wear on the insides of them.

The car is now totally different to drive it had michelin pilots on before which seemed ok if a little noisy, but these make me feel like i need to learn how too drive the car all over again.

They are also very very quiet which surprised me a little, my only gripe would be that they pick up small stones in the tread very easily and you can them hear them being thrown off at the arch protectors.

A little plug for Bishops Stortford tyres as well if i may they werent the cheapest paid £120 all in per tyre but they did have them in stock, no other garage for miles has tyres like this in stock it would seem.

They are also a Pirelli performance centre which would appear to be a good thing, there was M3's and all sorts in there when i went in so obviously must be good at what they do.

They also have a branch in cambridge.... I dont work for them just a great believer in supporting local businesses.


Stortford Perfomance Tyres

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Thats good news! Especially with you saying they are quiet. I currently have some badly worn Continental SportContact 2 tyres and they are crap - really noisy and if I boot it hard from standstill in just slightly wet weather the traction control kicks in.

It is not a fair comparison on the tyres however since I got them really cheap part-worn (had about 3 mm on) and were only a stop-gap until I cound afford some decent tyres.

I've just ordered a set of these for my car too! Along with the Toyos these seem to be the best tyres for the car.

Looking forward to getting them fitted from the "Pro-Lex approved fitter in Glossop" :whistling:

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I had the michelin pilot sports on beore i got the F1's and too be honest never felt that confident with them on, the car always felt like it was on the edge of traction and just about to let go.

The F1's seem in a different league.....this could be due to the fact they are new and the pilots were worn on the inside in true lexus style.

I paid a litle more than you can get them for but they were in stock and it is a very good local company i got them from. I would really reccomend the F1's.

Have a look at tirerack reviews its american so alittle over the top but still worth a look at for tyre reviews.


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