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Lexus At No7 Least Desirable Car


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Hmmm.. I don't see how this kind of survey can be done. Most women can't tell one make/type of car from the other when asked. Lets face it, how many times have you asked, what kind of car is it... answer: "er.. a blue one... " or ".. its a nice one..."

I have to say though, I don't ever remember thinking ".. now will women think this car is sexy..." when I have ever looked at buying a car

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To think I chose Lexus over another BMW.....!!! I would be slighlty more concerned if the 4,500 questioned were men. We all know the vast majority of women know ***** all about cars.

Needles to say, I won't be telling my friends about this. I'd never hear the last of it!! :ohmy:

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