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New Bmw 3 Series


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I read somewhere late last year that when BMW release their new 3 series this summer, they wouldn't take the same risks as with the 7 and 5 series, as they didnt want to effect their biggest seller with the same drop in sales...

well, somebody got it wrong...

picture here

its a half-hearted attempt, which is actually worse than the full-blown look...

so, expect a queue outside the lexus dealer....

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I've been searching for a bmw advert they had on Clarksons show.

It was part of their review of the 1 series...

Pictured a pile of doo doo with a bmw badge emblazened on it.

Caption read something like "You suckers will buy any old 5h1te"

Made me chuckle and sooooo true :)

Sadly i failed to find it so far ...

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