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Tv Screen

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well the top part of the dash is removable. and if you have even a few skills you can mount a profesional looking screen with ease on the top.

underneath there is tons of space.

do a search on the forum on "fitting a dash tray" and you will see that the top pops off in seconds.

from there u can build a small frame to mount the screen, using fibreglass or filler you can create the rest of the look you need.

will cost u far less than paying someone else to make it.

so, source your screen and place it where you want it. then just work out a way of making it look nice. i will help ya all i can if u want!

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yeah please, i will give it a bash myself then

if it all goes horribly wrong, i can always pay someone to sort it for me

go for it, gotta do some stuff ya self. that way u can be proud

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i got a word doc that will tell you how to put a screen in the housing,, let me know if you wnat it.

Fargo, would you be able to send me this doc too please mate. I'm looking into this at the moment. Thanks.

tis on my website for

Thanks for that Fargo. Really detailed and helpful. Cheers mate. :winky:

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