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Microsoft Excel Help Required

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I'm trying to do a count as below ( actually want to do it on dates but can't get it to work on numbers ) ...... pretty easy to explain

A1 - 5

B1 - 4

B2 - 5

B3 - 6

C1 - in here I want to count the number of entries in B1:B3 that are less than A1 ( answer should be 1 ).

I've tried countif but it won't recognise the A1 cell, will work with a constant though or = to a cell.

Any ideas? It's quite a complex spreadsheet so i can't go setting other cells first :(

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OK - hadn't fully understood the problem.

See what you mean about COUNTIF.


is close except that it includes the case where values are equal - i.e. <=, not just <. You could use the this and reference A2 instead of A1 where A2 = A1-1.

Other option is to add another column that holds 1 if less than, 0 if equal or above and sum the column.

Good luck. Excel is wonderful most of the time and a pain in the a** for the rest.

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