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Hello All,

I've just bought a '91 LS400. Sadly the car was on the market due to a death in the sellers family. It's done 174k and has 21 main dealer stamps up to 2002 (I verified this with the dealer), after that the history is not so impressive, but the car has only covered about 3k since (I know this isn't necessarily a good thing). It drives very nicely and I think I got it for a very good price.

I have been reading your forums loads over the past few days, and the information here is excellent so hopefully you might be able to shed some light on the problem that I have found.

Under moderate to hard acceleration between 2 & 3 gears there is sometimes a vibration. Symtoms are:

- Noise sounds like it is coming from drivers side outside the car, doesn't sound particularly mechanical, but I don't think it is trim vibrating

- The noise normally comes in two bursts about 3 seconds each with a couple of seconds silence in between

- Doesn't happen all the time, particularly common when changing gear on upward incline

- Only when accelerator is pressed - take your foot off and it immediately stops

- Seems to start happening once the engine has warmed up

- You can feel some vibration throught the gear lever

The gearbox changes very smoothly and has good creep forward at idle. I am running in Normal mode with Overdrive on, have never used Power mode. I have checked transmission oil - good level, light golden in colour and doesn't smell burnt.

My initial thought is engine/transmissions mounts? How do I check them, and roughly how much do they cost to replace?

Would like to hear your opinions. Fingers crossed it's not an auto box problem as I love the car!

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If the mounts have not been changed with the mileage you have then they are due for renewal.Changed mine at 130,000 miles due to vibration around 50 mph.Also your propshaft may need to be realigned (see usa forums).I doubt there ia a problem with gearbox.Other parts to check are upper control arms and rear axle carrier bushes as these are common due to mileage and size of car.Consider going gold to obtain discount on spares or import from the usa.

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