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Wireless Remote Locking

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Hello everyone,

For some reason my key has stopped working.

I have put in a brand new Battery just in case but to no avail.

Is there anything on the actual car which could have done this?

Any help would be appreciated as I don't know if the cars alarm is actually working now.



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Thanks for all the replies.

1 - None of the keys seem to work

2 - The indicators do not flash

3 - It was the Battery in the key pad, not the car.

I was hoping it was something silly like a fuse. I don't think it would be the key as the manual gives you instructions on how to change the Battery. If it was going to reset the key I'm sure they wouldn't tell you to change it.

Any ideaa :blink:

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The central locking has lost it's programming. You can take it to your dealer, should only take them 10 minutes to reprogram it for all the keys or do a search on these forums to find the procedure to do it yourself.

Your alarm will not be working - it is only armed with the remote. Immobiliser will still be working though.

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Hello again,

Thanks Colin for the advice, did a search and found the instuctions you were on about.

They worked great and I now have a fully working key again.

Thanks to everyone for your comments, they were all very helpful.

Will speak to u all again soon, hopefully with no problems :duh:

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