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I'm new here so I was not sure where to post my question.

I have a 96' GS300 whos passenger rear floor only gets wet from extended periods under a hose while washing. The last hard rain the passenger rear floor was soaked. The door seals properly and there is no evidence of it leaking through or under the door. Is there a drainage tube or channel that may be getting backed up?

Though I am a girl I like to tinker around and learn about my car as much as possible

Thanks in advance :D

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I had this problem on my last car, A peugeot 306. the problem was the lining inside the door had come unstuck. rain water is supposed to hit the glass, and run down the inside of the door and out the bottom onto the sill and onto the road.

if you can remove the door card, maybe you can see if its a problem like i had, I just stuck the lining back on with some mastic and it was good as new again.

Oh and welcome to the Club :)

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I had this problem on a Rover 400 once. Turned out it was leaking through the bulkhead on the passengers side where the hinges for the bonnet were bolted on and it other areas where Rover forgot to seal the bulkhead properly :rolleyes:

Strange thing is it never wetted the front of the car, only the rear passenger footwell :blink:

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