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I've bitten the bullet and had my Mk1 converted to LPG by Autogas Power in Ketley. They've done lots of LPG conversions for my father-in-law's business and he recommended them to me.

I left the car with them for a week because although they'd done his RX300 and V8 Soarer, they hadn't attempted a GS before.

Picked the car up today and they've done a good job. A neat and tidy installation and a valet, plus they gave a tour of the car and the workshop.

I've included some photos of the completed installation below

Images Gallery

From cold, the car starts on petrol until it reaches 30 deg C and then it switches to gas above 1600 rpm. When the gas tank is empty it bleeps to let you know and switches back to petrol. I haven't done enough mileage to compare economy but i'm jotting it down. On the hours drive back i switched several times manually between gas and petrol and its seemless, only with the radio off can you tell anything's happened by a quiet little relay-click as the gas pump comes on. In terms of performance, its too early to comment but Autogas recommended switching to petrol for spirited driving anyway. I'm using a rule of thumb that if i'm tempted to use sport mode (which isn't a huge amount) I switch it to petrol at the same time.

Autogas even gave it a free 4-wheel alignment because they suspected the tracking was out slightly (something i've been meaning to get sorted because over time its wearing the nearside front tyre unevenly). A full 12,000 mile/1 year warranty and a checkup in 2000 miles time was included. I'm unsure what the final price was because i haven't had to paid for it myself but its around the 1700ukp mark.

For me it seemed worth it because the car has only done a youthful 46k, I plan on keeping it until one of us expires so over that time it should have repaid itself. Added to that the fact that I have a free source of LPG at the moment and i'm doing a few miles up and down the country and it made sense.

All in all, quite impressed, but time will be the real test..

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Culky, can you find out if they would be willing to attempt this on an Aristo TT, 92 plate also an approx price please mate. I got a quote and was way out of my league and alot more than the price you have given.

Nice and tidy install, very impressed, thought it would more of an unsigthly install but this is small and out of the way.



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Hmmmm, I'm still not convinced on this one. £1700 for the install, you'd need to do a serious amount of milage before you saw any savings, (ok I accept you have a dodgy supply of gas), but for avearage Joe, if he pays around 80p per litre for petrol and gets gas at half that, he would need to save the £1700 in fuel, ie. spend £3,400 on gas. Now, I do fairly high milage, (20-25,000 miles per year) and I spend around £3k on fuel,(petrol), per year. So I guess it would take around 2 years, or 50,000 miles on gas before you see any savings. Add that to the 46k on your car and by the time you have saved the initial cost of conversion, its time to get rid of the car. :driving:

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Had my 1998 MKII GS converted last year.

I average 600 - 800 miles per week, had a second tank fitted in the spare tyre well.

London return is 450 miles for me and can be done on a full fill up of 112ltrs @ £36, get a bit less around local roads.

Its the second best thing I did, first was buying the GS.

I had the fastlube fitted because of the valve seatings, used an LPGA approved installer cost £1600.00 all in, money well spent.

The guy is really good, family outfit, knows his cars inside out.

Did'nt feel any difference in performance, as always in power mode.

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Will be joining the club soon. Car's going in to get a Romano autogas system fitted on Monday, should get the car back Wednesday. Around £1700 inc. VAT for the whole shebang.

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