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From Bmw Headquarters


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BMW feel that members of the UK operation could benefit from knowing certain auto terminology used by their German counterparts.

This should avoid embarrassment at the inter-departmental meetings.

Therefore before the next technical meeting the UK operation were asked to read and inwardly digest the following:-

INDICATORS--------------Die Blinkenleiten Tickentocken

SPEEDOMETER-----------Der Egobooster

PUNCTURE----------------Die Phatte mit Bludyf**ken

LEARNER------------------Die wowwypopen mit Elplatt

ESTATE CAR--------------Die Bagsromm fur Shaggininauto

WINDSCREEN WIPER----Die Fippenflappenschittenspredden

FOOTBRAKE---------------Der Edbangenonvindskreen stoppenquik

BREATHALYSER---------Die Puffintem fur Pistenarsen

SEATBELT-----------------Der Klunkenklicken Frauleintrapper

HEADLIGHTS--------------Das Dippendontdazzle ubastud

FOG WARNING------------Die Puttenfutdownen Fukit

HIGHWAY CODE----------Der Wipen fur Arsen


TRAFFIC JAM--------------Der Bluddinfukkin damnundblasten

BACKFIRE------------------Der Lowdenbangen mekkenmefu**enjumpen

JUGGERNAUT--------------Der Fukkengret trucken

ACCIDENT------------------Der Bleedinmess

NEAR ACCIDENT----------Derfu**en neer schittenselfen

CYCLIST---------------------Pedalpushen pilloken

REAR VIEW MIRROR------Der Yokhunter TooKlosen


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