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Review Of Latest Spec


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Idiots is a bit strong. Plenty of other reviews also find the ride quality to be very poor for a car costing as much as it does.

I will admit I wasn't impressed either when I test drove one. Something clearly isn't right for them to have made 3 'improvements' in ride since the car was launched.

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:blush: despite all the critism about the sc I find it vey enjoyable car, ignoring the fact that it costs 52k. a friend has one of these and I get let loose in one of these and i can't see what the problem is, ok he has got rid of the run flats and that made a big improvment but when you have a critic slating it, well that is his job and his job to find fault. Who cares that you can't get anyone in the back I find it a very pleasurable drive. If I had the coin to buy one I would, I just borrow one instead.

If all this doesn't make sense it's because the stella is flowing and well chilled.


I WANT ONE................

i find the looks of the SC very sexy and the power of the V8 well.......................

it's a V8 and a d**m good one. Interior I love it.


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Its total luxury, it drives well, it handles well, it looks good too and it is a convertible or a coupe when you so desire.

They cannot base their opinions on a test done over a day or so i have had one for 8 months now and im still finding little extras i didnt know were there.

I love my SC i hated the origanal wheels so i got them changed to different alloys.

There is nothing i would change about it atall i feel they are wrong and its my choice to say so.

I had been thinking of buying another car as i get bored quickly with cars. I have a budget 100k but i am keeping my SC because i have not yet test drove anything that compares.


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I drove one at an open road, and my thoughts (which i posted here) were that it was no sports car, more of a boulevard cruiser - which might work in Malibu CA, but here in good old blightly, i found it to be a bit lackluster...

And when you consider, for the money you could have a Merc SL...

But, we all want different things in cars, and the SC is a rare sight, and if it pushes the right buttons for you, fantastic!

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I've been with an SC for nearly three years now and before that ran the GS so I understand where Colin's comparison comes from.

But even with the ride and handling are set up as they are at the moment, you could rip off my last b*****k and I still wouldn't give it up.

Suits my motorway commute to the ground and keeps me so chilled when all around are loosing theirs - I know what I'd rather be driving.

Roll on the next sunny day so I can get that top down again.


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Well I love the fact that it gets such doggy reviews :P

Everyone stares at this car and very very few people know what it is.. if you take the badges off like I did then people say "is that a Maserati?"

Its just nice to have something different.

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