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Any Go Karters Here


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People People People,, need some advise,, are there any Karters here..

Im trying to track down some info on front brake sytems for Go karts,, i believe they are used for certain class isnt being very helpful.

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have you thought of calling buckmore park? they may be able to help ya?

is this for the cart with the TL1000 engine? if so they gona have to be some meaty calipers!

i have head of people using brembo scooter calipers as they are cheap, powerful and realy easy to get hold of. dunno if that helps

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but you would have to be well carfull about locking the wheels. as they lock up so easy. need something that can be used realy prgressively and even when full on wont just lock the axle up.

thats why i thought the scooter ones would be good, they have power but not overly powerful.

altho on second thoughts what about using a rear brake from a superbike like the Gsxr, it would be easy to set up as its already designed to be used with a foot operation.

Use the full assembly, the master cylinder and the caliper. relitively small discs too. that would be my choice. and there is no messing about either.

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