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Xenon Bulbs


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Have you got the HID conversion kit or just Xenon effect bulbs?

If they're just the Xenon effect type bulbs (ie the blue ones off eBay etc) then it's literally just a case of popping the bonnet, finding the bulb harness (each bulb has a separate connector), remove the harness (it's just clipped on) and then twist the bulb and remove by pulling towards the car...

Reverse to fit - just make sure you don't touch the glass of the bulb..

If it's a HID conversion kit it's basically very similar in that you remove as above, then just insert the new HID bulb, then stick the ballast onto a flat part of the car, power up and you're away!!!

There's a thread somewhere in the workshop by Fluff or Brettster which I used, let me look....

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these are similar to ones i got from te-bay last week they where ok except one bulb kept blowing the fuse so they are now relegated to the shed!!!

there are some HID lights on eBay and other sites if you want too look for them at around the £180 mark, There is also a guy in the uk selling them for around this price.


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well your other options are to live with what you have, buy cheap bulbs that might look nice but blow after a few months, splash out on some nice PIAA's then wish you had spent that bit extra on HID's or save up and buy the HID kit, there really isnt anything to compare to them at the moment.

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:winky: I got some bulbs from the states, they are sylvania silverstar..

In my opinion it is not worth buying the cheap stuff for about a fiver they look a bit

naff, also they are not as bright as the standard bulbs..

I did a bit of research before buying the silverstar's and the top two which again in my opinion were the piaa's and sylvania silverstars..

piaa's are about 80 quid wheras the silverstars are about 25 to 30 quid including p&p

I now have the silverstars fitted to my car & can't complain from the choice I made. They have a brilliant white beam with a very slight hint of blue. And I mean a very slight hint of blue. When you look at the headlamp when it is on you can see pink & purples. In my opinion yet again I think they are the closest to HID as you are going to get without having to spend 300 quid. :hehe:

I would like to have HIDs on my car but can't justify spending all that dosh on headlamps when there are other things to buy for the car B)

Hope it is of some help :zee:

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