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And don't forget the km/mile confusion that sometimes sets in ;)

65k (mile) is roughly 100k (km) (Old GS belt change interval)

150k (km) is roughly 100k (mile) (IS200 belt change interval)

Somehow the number 100 always seems to stick ;)

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Yes the belt should have been changed twice already. 63,000 mile intervals on your vehicle.

Gearbox oil shouldn't need to be changed but I would do it every 100k miles. Either properly flushed or drain, fill, drive for 5 minutes and do it again. A single drain will only replace about 35% on the total fluid in the box. ONLY USE TOYOTA T-IV FLUID.

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I have the same car and, yes, it should have been done about every 60,000 miles but, as yours has just got to 120k, I would look under the bonnet. If it was done by a dealer they are supposed to put a sticker on the engine somewhere obvious which tells you when it was done and when its due to be re-done. Oh and its not cheap, i had mine done last year and i think it was in the region of £450 - go Gold and get the discount.

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