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Car Won't Start After Replacing Instrument Cluster

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Greetings all!

I've got a 1993 Lexus GS (300, since that's all there was back in the days o' yore!)

Recently at least one of the bulbs in my instrument cluster turned off, so I removed the instrument cluster by popping up the little panel with the instrument dimmer on it, removing the 4 screws holding the cluster in, unhooking the electrical plugs, and popping out the cluster.

Now, for one, the thing comes apart in so many ways, and I quickly found that this wasn't as simple as just taking off the front and popping a light in there.

So... I put it back, hooking up the plugs, popping it back in, the screws, etc, etc.

And now my key won't even turn the ignition. Yipes!

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Any pointers?

Big thanks in advance.

= Eron

= Black 1993 Lexus GS

= Seattle, WA

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I'd say that either one of the connector has come out again or you accidently tore one of the wires out of the connectors. This happened to me - replaced a bulb and after refitting, no power, rechecked all the connectors by removing and refitting, then hey-preseto, everything started to work again. Have not had a problem since but also have not removed the cluster either.

Hope this helps

Have you also posted on the US Forum as well, don't thing there will be any difference's between the clusters on the UK/Import/US models but could be wrong though.



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