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I hope you all got your tax cheques in by yesterday because it looks like the Govt are going to need it.

The double amputee Al Queda terror suspect and illegal immigrant currently held in Bellmarsh prison, is being let out and GIVEN A HOUSE because he is depressed. Not as depressed as the grieving families of those those that perished in the Twin Towers on 9/11 though.

Are you happy to see your hard earned tax money spent in this way? Thank you to the European Human Rights Commission :angry:

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I dunno - I think I'd be feeling a bit depressed if I'd been arrested, put in a foreign prison for 3 years, no trial, no chance of appeal, no explanation, no nothing.

I think the money should have come from the US government though, I suppose their cop out is that he's a UK citizen.

unless you think he's guilty until proven innocent.

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Mark, guys, c'mon, this is our Goverment were talking about here - of course they're going to take as much money off us hard working, honest, British people and give it to the illegal immigrants/asylum seekers/ terrorists/ 12 year old drunk drivers/serial single mums/thugs/rapists/murderers..

But whatever you do - don't you dare consider speeding or not paying ALL your tax... there will be hell to pay!

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