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Lexus Tyres Are Rubbish!


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i live way out in the sticks also but i have to say my car has been good as gold and the tyres are the standard bridgestones potenzas. mind you i dont drive it hard round twisty roads, but even at speed it has been solid.

my tyre pressures are 33psi all round

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I live out in the sticks near Chester and I have spent many days driving on the A51 to Stone which is often muddy in parts from tractors and I have never had a problem with tyres or skidding, I wouldn't exactly say I'm a slow driver either.

I've run Potenza's and currently on SP9000's - and swear by the Dunlop's.

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the Dunlop SP9000's are great tyres, but they are summer sports tyres..

They are not designed to handle standing water, snow or ice.. and to be honest, struggle with heavy rain or greasy roads..

Since you live in the country, you really should consider splashing out on a nice set of winter tyres, perhaps Michelin, you will find these will suit your needs better.

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