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Touchscreen Installation

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Over the last few weeks I have been researching what I want to put in my 99 RX300 for an awesome sound system. As of right now I am getting a custom fiberglass box with 3 10" JBL audio W6's and a 1500 watt amp for them as well. The only problem I have come in contact with is that I want to put the KENWOOD DDX7015 in the place of the worthless LCD screen that is already there, a fiberglass unit will be made in order to use the motorized CD/DVD player functions on it, but how would I know the temperature for the heater and AC and along with a few other things that are necessary for the screen to be able to do. so I guess my question is how would I be able to incorperate somthing such as this, I have almost $2500 to spend, 1000 for the screen, 1500 for the subs and amp, the box was free due to a friend of mine building boxes and customizing cars for a living. We just couldnt figuire this out since his main area for car customization doesnt have to do with the computerized aspects and such.

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Have you taken a look a ? There are a bunch of guys on there undertaking similar ventures, where they are interfacing their computers with the car systems to control AC and other functions. I was contemplating this for my carputer, as I had considered linking in to the cars ECU for engine data to be displayed. Nearly all modern cars have an OBD II interface which can be linked to a PC. Go have a look on, you might find the answers you are looking for :)

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