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New Is?


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Nice people of Lexus Owners Club, I am returning after a brief sojurn away from the marque....yes I did indeed sample other makes in the 2 years since I plied the LOC pages and since the IS300 Sport with tasteful bling had to go out to farm, but I am back and was wondering if any of you learened types have any info to pass regarding the new IS which I hear is to be launched at the Geneva show in March?? I have asked my local Lexus dealer but they are as tight lipped as a tight lipped thing from old tight lipped spill the beanz and bring me up to date?

Am I to believe it will have a 2.5 litre powerplant????? Will the car be available in the UK post November 2005???I await a plethora of updates..

Lexus rules OK!!!! :driving:

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think it is gonna be unveiled at geneva in march mate

as for shape and engines there are guesses but think only person that knows is supra charged and he aint saying, believe me think everyone has tried to get info from matt but no luck

just have to wait another month or so

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Thanx local Lexus dealer intimated that the new car would be available in November and that orders are being taken now for it. I am a little confused because it was my understanding that the new car wouldn't be available for delivery until March 2006.................I await further developments.

Thanks, Dave :duh:

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