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My Gs 300 Has Gone Back To Lexus Today :(


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Some minor issues with my GS

Juddering front brakes

Squealing rear brakes

condensation in the front lamp

no red Battery cover on the Battery

annoying rattle from the sunroof/light area

different coloured hid bulbs :duh:

nothing major

but they let me choose any car I wanted so I went for an RX300 for a few days :)

you gotta love that kind of service.

First impressions, Im glad I went for the GS

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you gotta love that kind of service :duh: i would of thought things like that should have been sorted before it went out the showroom :ohmy: so you didnt have to take it back :shutit: if that was me i would be going MAD for having to take it back so soon after getting it :angry:

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well I have only driven the car for 30 mins

but first impressions

it seems quite slow, I guess thats cuz its high up and maybe has different gearing to the other cars

and I found it hard to get a decent view of the road without something in my way and the rear view mirror is tiny, its like looking thru binoculars backwards

As for the GS, well It took them just over 4 weeks to get the car from Stoke to Leeds and sort everything out, I was sooo getting bored of waiting they might have rushed a little too much to get the car to me

but its ok Ive got over the new toy feeling and now i have another new toy for a few days :)

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