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Gull Wing/lambo Doors :(


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now i have unfortunately had to use both lambo doors (on a BMW) and also used suicide doors (again on a BMW) and was not impressed by either.

Suicide doors were a bugger to get in and out of.

Lambo doors are ok, but still awkward to get in and also are very unstable in the wind! wonder who will be the first person decapatated by lambo doors!

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Obviously I must be weird but I like the doors! They look so cool! :D :lol:

Not that I would buy one - but nice to look at.

Now I wonder if the doors automatically open and flip up from the keyfob! :whistling:

Think I'v been exposed to too much Knight Rider when I was younger!

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Guest mark_tsang

I like it, think its cool. but looks great on sports coupe like FTO & Celica's i seen.

:offtopic: Oli not seen pics of your car yet since you always here??

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poor altezza  :yack: Qualitat an all!

I like it, anyone know how much to get it done?

Or someone could sponsor me to do it for advertising etc :whistling:

your looking at a bill of at least £1500. Dont know of any Lexus specific kits out there, so probs have to use a universal kit. Mr Chillies Drop shop are very good at fitting them. Altho i think they look better on coupes than 4 door cars. Type K styling also do em

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I like these systems :)

I could get a custom made kit for 1000€ ( £650 ) for mine but I think it looks better on 2 doors cars, and didn't want to try on the IS.

I think the one on the pic looks quite good but a side view would help to tell if it looks good or not on the IS

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i have heard that there are a few german companies making lambo door conversions that are TUV compliant. Now i bet these kits would be worth having!

what is TUV?

TUV is a requirement by the german authorities for all products - it is a sign that the product has been tested and has been approved for its purpose. u should see it on electrical items also.

in germany if u fit any item to your car eg spoiler/bodykit/ boost guage/wheels etc then it must be TUV approved for that type of vehicle

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