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Cig Burns


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will have one for sell soon if you are after one!!!!!

it has been on the car for about 2 WEEKS ONLY!!!!!!

im selling it because i have modified the original and made a custom pod. but while i was modifing it i had a ugly gap left on the car! so i bought a new one for about £30!!!! when the pod is finished i will have no use for the standard one!

Its in mint condition, only 2 weeks old, no marks or nothing, still have original packaging!!!!!!!!!


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I am picking up an 2001 IS200 SE tonight  :driving:

The only thing wrong is a couple of burns in the A pillar  :crybaby:

What would be best a new one, if so where is best to get it from and ££??

Or use one the cig burn fixing men?

Ok mate, the part will cost less than £50 at main dealer. Not sure to the penny but i changed mine when i took delivery of my car and it was defo under £50. I tried first to have it repaired by proffesional, waste of money, stay away, looks ok for about a week then starts to fade and stands out a mile. There are two colours so make sure you have your chassis no. with you when ordering.

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