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Changing The Weedy Horn

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I've just read an old post from 2003 which was talking about changing the horn on the IS, I would like to do this and if anybody has any info please comment:-

1) How much to replace with the horns on the RX300 (I believe theyre much better)

2) How much?

3) I also believe the tone can be changed - Any knowledgebase on this.

Cheers !

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Thanks for being helpful Mr Fluff - why bother answering if your going to be an arse yourself?

sorry if it offended - but when i read your original reply it did (and still does) appear to have a "slapped arse" tone to it because i didnt answer all your questions.

i have edited my original response

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i use these 10 times louder than standard

Stobel Nautilus Twin Tone Air Horn

The Nautilus TWIN TONE Air horns features compact space saving engineering that no other twin tone air horn in the world can offer. It's very fast and easy to install because it requires only ONE fixing point. No air tubes are required.

The excellent sound output of approx 139 decibels ! Is INSTANT thanks to a perfectly balanced air jet system. The air intake has a patented system that gives a pleasant High and Low tone with surprising power.

Furthermore the Nautilus IS 100% Road Legal.


about £24

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