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Windscreen Scratches

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My finer half came home last night complaining of the wiperblade been loose and needed fixing!!!!!!!!!!!

So on inspection i found it had come loose and the stupid cow had used it about half a dozen times and now i have very faint but noticeable scratches on the drivers side.

Is there anyway of been able to do something with these scratches or would it be easier to claim for a new windscreen through the insurance? They are not that bad its just that i know they are THERE!!!!!!!!

If you run your finger over them,you cant feel anything but you can see them.

Any ideas anybody?


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Think there is companies out there that repair/polish/restore glass. Just a case of looking in you're area.

I was that ****** off last night i nearly put a hammer through it and was going to ring the insurance company up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can imagine!!

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Thanks for all the tips guys, think i wil give a professional a call later this week see if they can do anything(hopefully).

She can't understand why im making such a big fuss about a couple of SCRATCHES on the windscreen that she caused!!!!!!!!!!!!! Women :angry:  :angry:

Thanks again

You can get stuff to fix it. Double glazing companies use it all the time but I don't know the name. I'll bet you know someone who works in double glazing though, everyone does.......

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