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Could do better - like Bazza says it just looks like a lot of other car's out there - I like the lines on the current IS but a lot of new cars are smoothing everything out and they're all starting to look the same...

Was even reading that BMW are going to be smoothing out the lines on the 7 & 5 series, those designs had grown on me as well to be honest!

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Well i would think its the new IS200, it keeps cropping up on the net when searching for the new model ( or a shape very close to this ), mixed thoughts on its looks, i'm sure you boys will bring a few photo's back from the launch :winky: .

I agree the back end looks very Mazda 6 :o .

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hope that aint IS coz i dnt like it in those pics doesnt seem to resemble the LF-C and LF-A that new IS will apparently be based on

think that car suits more of a toyota avensis model range not an IS

BUT............reckon we all wait another month for Geneva to see the proper one

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You have to admit that the Lexus designer are not sitting back on their arses, they have several concept cars doing the rounds, inc the sports LF-C or LF-A,plus the LX470 and LS420 (2006 ), all this and the GS , IS ready to roll ... lets just hope they are all to british tastes :) .

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This is from in January this year….

“In March, Lexus will unveil the second-generation IS sport sedan at the Geneva and New York Auto Shows. Arriving at dealerships this fall, the new IS, like the GS, will clearly define an exciting new breed of luxury high-performance sedans from Lexus. IS will be a breed with a pedigree that will be unmistakable with swagger in its style and high-performance to match.

Now that's a performance statement with swagger and style. And it's the kind of statement we're going to make when GS and IS roll out against the competition this year.

A little over a year ago, at the Tokyo Motor Show, we began to talk publicly about an all-new direction in styling for Lexus. At that event we showed two concept vehicles - The LF-X luxury crossover, a vehicle that hints of the future direction of our leading SUV line-up. And the LF-S that expresses the new design language for our exciting future sedans.

Six months later in New York we made yet another strong statement with the world premiere of the LF-C luxury sport coupe. LF-C further refined our focus on a distinctive and recognizable new look for the next-generation IS.”

Dennis E. Clements

Lexus Group Vice President & General Manager

With statements like that I can’t believe that these are the new IS,

- a bit too Mazda-esque, Hofmeister kink-esque and Volvo–esque for me!


We have all seen lots of Photoshop’s going around and I for one can’t see that Lexus would miss the mark as to introduce something ‘weak’ in the sheet metal.

I know that that concept cars lines get watered down by the time that they hit the streets, but I do hope that they have got lots of the LF-C and LF-S in there!

I don’t want it to look like any of the above, checking back on Danny Clements comments it should be as unique as when the current IS was first introduced.

I only buy one paper each week (Sunday Times) because it lasts all week - but in the words of the Sun - “Come on Lexus – Give us a Stunna”

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