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Hi all,

I'm thinking of buying an RX but can't choose between an SE or an SE-L. It all boils down to the navigator & Bluetooth. I've read that the satnav and Bluetooth are both options on the SE but if I order the satnav does the Bluetooth come with it?

AFAIK, the difference between the two is the air suspension and the souped up hi-fi.

Also - just as a minor point :-) I've read the reviews of the Nottingham Lexus - particularly parts. Would Sheffield be a better option? I have to say I've been very impressed by the dealer so far but pre-sales are usually excellent in most places.

Your thoughts would be appreciated!

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from all the reviews ive read they all said stay away from the se-l coz of the air suspension.

simply because of the £9000 or whatever difference, they all agreed it wasnt worth the extra cost.

if its anything like my is200 the standard stereo is great anyway

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I've had the SE and the SEL and think the SEL is a lot better - the adaptive headlights that 'look' round the corner are great. The different heights available via the air suspension makes road driving better - i like being lower on the motorway - less drag!

The stereo is much better in the SEL - on my SE the music seemed distant.

If you do go for the SE the Sat nav with reversing camera is a must - the camera makes life so much easier in carparks and tight situations. My first SE was minus the sat nav - for me that was a big mistake.

All the touch screen controls are nice too.

Hope this helps!

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