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I've Just done the error code check on the air con

With the ignition off, whilst pushing both the buttons marked 'auto ' and the air re-circulate one with the picture of an arrow curling to the right, turn on the ignition.

All the little green indicators will flash, and the screen shows 00. Press again the air re-circulate button and the system goes to sensor check. It goes through all the heater vent controls, the button functions, including front screen de-ice, temp change, etc, and a code appears in the display.

These are the codes


11=inside temp. sensor

12=outside t/s.

13=After evap. sensor

14=water temp.heater radiator

21=solar sensor

22=compressor lock detected [short of refrigerant does this one]

23=coolant pressure

31=air-mix servo potentiometer

32=IN/OUT change damper servo potentiometer

33=Mode damper S/p

41=air-mix damper S/p.

42=IN/OUT change damper S/p

43 mode damper s/p

To cancel push the 'off' button

I've got the error code "21" = solar sensor

Can anyone say what the solar sensor does and if its worth getting repaired. The error has only just developed as I check the system each month.

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Was it dark when you tested? I had this problem and looked it up on, which I am subscribed to.

They give the following information:

Code No.



Open or short in Solar Sensor Circuit (Please note that display of a diagnostic code is not abnormal when the sensor is not receiving solar radiation).

Translated, I think that means you'll get a code 21 if it's dark when tested.

Obviously if it was daytime, then it's a genuine fault.

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to be honest is was about 9am and a bit murky. I'll give it a try mid afternoon.

Just realised that i gave the interior a going over with some leather cleaner, i may have got some residue on the sensor. which sensor is it? the domed one or the flat one next to the domed one on the drivers side.

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