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Recommended Audio Installers For Altezza/is

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Finally got the ERR3 code on my md/cd and have been prepared for it as it would be inevitable to happen.

Now I have done searches here and there: Audio places like car audio direct, on this website,, altezza au/nz one and some people here mr singh (Am) and I think I spoke to Steve audio X. I still haven't come to any conclusion as to whether I can replace my oem one with an aftermarket one, well I have as many people have done so, but still am not convinced/sure how this is done.

I have heard about bypassing the on board amp (as this controls the HU) installing another amp (2ohm stability for speakers?) re wiring new speaker cables and new 6x9's. Is there an iso connector available? Some say there is but I will still need to rewire and replace speakers? As you can tell there are a lot of options and alot of confusion.

On top of that I have looked at the wiring behind the stereo now and there has been a bodge job!! :angry: Great eh? Basically the stereo resets itself (all stored radio channels lost) everytime I switch the car off and when I switch it on ithe motros whirr and comes back to life, i store in channels and drive off. when I stop and switch off the next time it has lost channels again and spits out any mini discs.

Some wiring has been spliced and I think a positive feed has been taken from ignition and wired into the iso coneector to give it current to start the stereo on car start up and therefore when i switch car off all current is lost to HU.

SO.......what I was wondering was can anyone recommend a genuine car audio outfit that

a) have done either IS or altezza (both even better)

B) Will have good knowlege and not fiddle with the car while its there to get it to work some how (bodge job as before!)

c) somewhere near southwest-ish? (will travel eitherway from swindon - cardiff way or london way)

d) could sort out the wiring with a proper install

e) basically fit and sort out wiring for the stereo.

f) not have the car for more than a day to sort (I could pre book, pay deposit etc)

I can provide pics of the space behind HU i.e. all wiring connections beforehand (even the dodgy harness and wires) and pics of connections to existing HU.

My thoughts are Steve Audio X car audio place as I believe his company have had dealings with both tezza and IS

OR I would pay someone to sort it! :P :winky:

Thanks in advance as I know this is a long post and I really need some help! :crybaby:

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sextons in Southampton can do it! its where mine was done, although i only have an s model, they have done several other is's before mine! and i trust the guy, he will not :tsktsk: it up!!!!! bit of a drive though!

not sure about any of the other sexton's stores???

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Mr Singh:

Point noted about Oxford Car Audio

Do you have a contact number and name and address??

Have they done Is or altezza before that you know of?

Project Slam:

Local Sextons are sh!te! Southampton....... how far is that from here Hmm.........

Have you sold those 16s yet??

Cheers so far........... any other's who will take my hard earned cash??

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