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Reversing Sensor


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i've only had the darn thing for 3 months :duh: - but finally got around to getting this fitted today...


decided it wasn't a good 1st time DIY job as all the fitted covers inside the boot would need removing etc, so booked into Mobile Solutions in Derby - done a really good job to!

the little warning beeper is just at the side of the rear window/side frame as it couldn't be heard very well if it was under the rear seat (& not at all if in the boot as per fitting instructions! :crybaby: ). all very neat & you don't see the beeper unless it's pointed out to you.

had a quick look round on the net yesterday & they are being sold for about £100 just for the unit & up to £200 to include fitting - i got my unit off eBay for £65 inc p&p & fitting costs today were £53 - so pretty pleased with that! :D

n.b. you do have to get a new standard sized number plate - only £11'ish online though

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i wish id known, i fitted the same ones 2 months ago dead easy to fit once you got the wires on the correct course through the boot. ill put up a guide when i have time if anyones interested.

Thread from the dead I know, but any chance of that guide :)

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