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Oven/hob/extractor Installation


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We are getting a new kitchen installed. The fitters have put in the units and worktop, but the appliance delivery has been delayed. The w*nkers that the fitters are, they want to charge me extra for coming back to fit the appliances and I just want them out of the house.

All the wiring is in place (existing wiring) to sire the bits in and the over housing has also been installed. Can anyone here offer help/advise/instructions on how to go about putting the bits together? There is a ceramic hob, standard extractor and a 60cm single oven.

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The hob will be no problem - it'll probably just plug in the mains (I assume it's electric). The oven will be fine if it needs a 13amp supply (I assume it's electric) - if it's a fan oven that needs a 30 amp supply it's more tricky. Extractor just plugs in, but will need attaching to the wall.

If you're not sure with anything electrical - best left alone.

If it's gas, then deffo best left alone.

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these bits are replacing the existing electric appliances and the wiring is already in place. i am not too worried about making the connections. havent just installed these type of appliances before and i am not too sure about what sort of fitting will be needed to secure the appliances in place.

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The extractor will come with brackets - you'll probably just need to source some screws and the right kind of plugs.

The hob drops into a hole in the worktop - you'll get the brackets with it, but you'll want to seal the exposed wood in the cut worktop with contact adhesive - just put loads on and let in dry thoroughly before mounting your hob.

The oven just slides into the cupboard and is normally held in place with a coupla screws - should all be in the pack.


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