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just bought a 96 ls and am looking for a bluetooth kit that is compatible with the radio in the car.

i have a parrot 300[i think]but the lplugs will not fit

so i need another kit. one that will mute and use the car speakers

cheers macca

Welcome to the club macca....



There have been about two posts this past week or so relating to Parrot kits.

Take a look in the Audio/Electrics/Video part of the maintnance section, loads of info in there if you search...

You might struggle with the audio through the speaker unless you wire a relay into it.

There is a mute line but it doen't pause the CD player.

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If you cannot find an automute lead for your LS and/or want to avoid splicing into the head unit or amp wiring, a Parrot CK3000 Bluetooth kit can use an external speaker. Here is information on how to wire an external speaker to the Parrot:

My Nokia kit came with this external speaker which would probably work well with the Parrot:

The sound from this speaker is quite good and I have never missed that I could not get calls to play through the car speakers.

I think others have verified that the 98 up U.K. LS400 has two plugs under the rear of the center console for the optional Lexus phone just like here in the U.S. On my U.S. spec 2000 LS400, one of the two plugs (the male connector with two rows of three pins) has power and and a mute terminal.

On my LS, the mute terminal is the front middle pin and I had only to plug the phone kit's mute wire into the terminal hole and secure it with a wire tie. I don't know if your 96 has this setup but it probably would take long to open the front arm rest and pop the vents off to see. Terry at

has in the past recommended using a grounded test light to determine which is the mute terminal.

You guys in the U.K. are fortunate to have so many good phone installers - very hard to find in the U.S.

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