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Courtesy Car


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Having not had a car for three weeks now, I finally got a courtesy car from my dealer, and its a Yaris! They said for bodyshop work, they only give toyotas! :angry:

Not too pleased about this, but it should only be a week until I get mine back :)

By the way, has anyone been in or used a Yaris? If the stereo has 'NAVI', 'REROUTE' and 'GUIDANCE' on it, does it have satnav? Must say its the most complicated stereo I've ever seen before :duh:

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couldn't tell u mate ..... what has your car gone in for ? just body work ... or are you getting the locks changed too ?

Yeah they're gonna replace all the keys and locks, but there was also a bit of damage to the front wing (not sure if it was the guys who nicked it, or the guys who towed it)

What did they give you for the other foot?  :driving:

Hehe, its a really weird car. Can't believe two cars made by the same company can be so different, the doors feel like paper :ohmy:

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well at least you got a toyota, i got given a complete pile of *******!!

A bloody Vauxhaul TDi Zafira "elegance". its frigging awful. sloppy steering. heater takes an age to warm up. slow as fook.

Did i mention its a vauxhaul! altho i have been abusing it by using it to remove all my rubbish from the loft and the garden!!

also its got a electronic throttle! its pants. might as well be straight from an arcade race machine! no feel at all.

work has finaly started on my car now tho!!

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