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My New Wheels Are On!


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Just fitted my new wheels and I'm well happy with them. Especially when the sun comes out!! :zee:

**edited images to big**

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very nice, sure i've seen those before? doesn't another member have them?

haha! Who might that be then? It turns out they dont rub at all. Worried me a bit at first, but i know yours is lowered. It was either these or the toora 5's. Both nice wheels but wanted something a bit different. Lovely when the suns out.

Did you get a special sponge when you bought yours mate? It seems a bit rough to me?

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yea they gave me two of those, it's good that they dont rub! Just expect it when/if you lower it atall tho.

i've only used the sponge once.

did you get those plastic rings with them?

Yeah the plastic rings were already in the wheels when i collected them. Dont think im going to lower it anyway.

Deciding whether to sell the old ones now. Would like to keep them but dont really have the room! Any ideas how much there going for? There only a few months old as new, 3 SP9000's almost new and one half worn.

Thanks for all your comments by the way.

Any suggestions on what to do next?

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