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Low Oil Level Warning Light

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Hello everyone - I'm a new member as a few weeks ago I finally managed to become the proud owner of my all-time fantasy car - a 1992 LS400. I bought it off eBay but had done my homework and it came with full service history etc. and I got it at a good price.

I'm really happy with the car - it drives like a dream - but I need your help as last week the oil level warning light came on and stayed on. I'd only checked the oil level the week before but checked again and it only took a tiny bit. I took it to my local (non Lexus) mechanic who checked the oil pressure which is fine. He thought it might be the pressure sensor switch so he changed this but light is still on. He's also done a full oil change and put new filters on but the light is still on.

Any ideas guys? Could I need an auto-electrician or do you think it might be something more sinister?



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Don't know the car, but I would've thought the oil-level was a different sensor to the oil-pressure.

I'd look for a different sensor in the sump.

If the pressure is fine and the level is OK on the dip then I wouldn't worry unduly.

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I found the oil warning level light coming on when id not long bought my 400...

As long as its just the YELLOW oil light flashing or on for a while dont worry...

My light would come on mostly on the motorway....

I thought what have i bought,bit worrying when youve not long owned the car.

Just keep a check on the oil level,after a month or so of seeing its not using oil,you wont worry about the light.

Cheers chips.

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Thanks guys and thanks aido for the welcome  :)

Sounds like I haven't too much to worry about so long as I keep checking the oil level and  I'll get someone to look for another sensor in the sump.


do you have too much oil in the engine ?

my other car a toyota - the oil light flashes when overfilled.

this can be worse than too little oil as when moving parts rotate & cant move the oil out of the way, something gives. normally the engine wall.

this is very expensive as you can imagine.


however probalby is just the sensor but make usre car is level & check the oil leverl both hot & cold.

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