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As far as I know the LS400 stereo won't take MP3 disks but I use a 4GB MP3 through a radio transmitter or through the tape player, it's not ideal but gives you loads of music without modifying your system.Some people get blanking plates and fit their own stereo but I wanted to keep mine looking stock, the stereo is one of the best standard units i've heard.

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Hi, I'm considering an LS400, probably a MkIII, does the CD player play MPs disks? if not, is there a simple upgrade? ANy advice?

I've had an Alpine fitted to the boot, with a small control unit on the central console. Works really well via a spare radio channel. £300 all in.

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Hi All,

I did it, just got myself a March 95 Ls400 in dark blue, grey interior with just 114 on the clock. :D :D :D

Need to get a couple of things sorted, so looking for advice:

Does any one have a spare petrol cap,

where is a good place to get interior mats from,

There seems to be a ticking noise under heavy acceleration, should I get the throttle body cleaned up,

Ariel makes a horrible noise when it gets to full length, any advise about how to repair it, or not.

When can I get a few of the lost tools from the tool kit,

Where do I order filters etc from for servicing, any makes to go for or avoid, I'm happy with non-lexus parts, but Toyota sounds good.

Thanks in advance.


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I convert my MP3s to CD format for the car using a utility readily available called CDex. It's very good and allows IP3 info to be displayed on my MP3 player when converting from CD to MP3.

The downside is CD capacity is a lot smaller than MP3.

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