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2001 Spec Gs300 Sport - Light Cluster Part Numbers

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Hello guys,

I have been looking around on here for a while now and eventually put down my deposit on a mint condition Metallic Silver 1999 Lexus GS300 Sport yesterday with just 25K miles on the clock. I am picking up the car tommorrow! Cannot wait!

I have scanned these forums before and have got the telephone number of my local Lexus Parts department but I am still to get a result from them - They insist on the VIN number... Thus I need the actual part numbers or exact spec i should be buying for my 2001 Spec Rear light clusters that I want to purchase.

I have read all the pages on here explaining how to convert the wiring loom from 5 to 4 wires, etc. and someone mentioned they are approx £71 inc VAT for the rear lamps, bulbs and wiring looms (each) but what is the part number I need to use!??

Obviously my vin doesn't help me either because I want the facelift 2001 spec rear lights... I am also now getting a little confused now about the difference between smoked or chromed lights... anyone got a definative part number I can just ring up lexus with and buy them??

Any help getting these part numbers is very much appreciated...

Best regards,


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