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The Food Standards Agency Issued An Urgent Warning


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The Food Standards Agency has issued an urgent warning not to eat over 300 food products which have been accidentally contaminated with an illegal dye.

The dye called SUDAN1 is red and used in some Chilli powder.

It's illegal in this country but its been accidentlly used to make a worcester sauce...which's been used in turn to flavour around 350 foods in the UK.

It won't have any immediate effects but COULD cause an increased risk of cancer.


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What is interesting here is just how long it is taking to remove the items from shelves (and in fact identify all the products in the first place).

I work in the Pharma industry and if it took us that long we would be closed down !!

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Very interesting this one, We had four calls today from suppliers to the kitchen i work asking us to return certain products to them all containing worcestershire sauce.......... Sad thing is we removed them from use on friday when we got an updated list.

So far we have taken out about £500 worth of stock and its all day to day use stuff......Amazing really how much stuff has worcester sauce in it.

Oh well tommorow will be another day of making stuff we could buy in and aother day ill do more work than i should do!!


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