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Brake Caliper Slider Pin Nightmare

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I just thought i'd drop a line to tell you of my nightmare so far. I ordered some EBC greenstuff Front pads for my LS400 last week and went to fit them Monday. The first set went on no problem but on the Drivers side caliper the slide pin had seized so half the caliper couldn't move. I ordered a new slide pin thinking it screwed in as it had a hex bolt head, when it arrived today from Lexus Nttingham it was just the pin, no thread, no bush to hold it in, aaargghh! I pulled the other one to see what travel it had and it "popped" out. (the bush had worn) When I went to order the bushes and dust-boots I was told you have to order a caliper repair kit or a new caliper (loadsacash). I think the parts guy could tell I was in floods of tears as he said he'll try and get me one. The slider pin was seized solid and I was getting stressed as I start my new job as a Flight Sim Engineer on monday (working for the owner of the Minardi F1 team) :unsure: . I've got to travel 180 miles to work and the parts man said the parts should be here saturday. I've decided to go there and pick them up myself tomorrow, even in a blizzard.I got the slider out after an hours beating it in the snow, and gave it a right telling off. So if anyone sees a little green A-class Merc with a stressed bloke driving in Nottingham tomorrow please be nice and remember things can always get worse ( you could be me :winky: ).

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