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Winter Wheels.

Bob King

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It seems with the right tyres , you can get from A to B is your is200 :) , i was looking on the Mytyres site at tyre prices, if your running 215/45/17 then the cheapest snow tyre is a Goodyear at £124.50 each :o , so thats a very expensive 1-2 months a year use.

I then looked up the IS200S, 16" wheel tyre size and a 205/55/16 can be bought for £56.00, so a cheap set of " S" wheels of eBay ,and the cheap tyres,could be all sorted for £300 or less :)

Very nice, the "Stunner" £56.00 winter tyre....


215/45/17 Goodyear £124.00 winter tyre...


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nice one BOB i was just in the process of looking into this matter myself, i dont care what they look like as long as the wheels fit.

i like you initially found the goodyears on mytyres and immediately gave it up due to the cost factor, but now im back in the hunt for some. :D

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this is what i said a while ago its really best to get urself a set of 16" crappy wheels and decent tyres - bridgestone blizzak or michelin alpin ( rated as one of the best)

the cost difference between the 16" and 17" is massive.

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well my car has been sat on the drive for 3 days now and the wife is starting to question my logic in buying a rear wheeled prestige car then knicking hers everytime it snows,

ive managed to deflect her jabs to get rid of my car so far by threatening to get an rx300 but i can only hold out for so long.

does anyone know where i can get the steel rims from and how much are they.

can i just order them from a toyota dealer in the uk or do i have to go to a specialised website.

any ideas on cost without tyres.



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you have 2 options really - get a set of alloys from an S model (16") or best bet is to go for the steel rims.

Over here u can walk into any dealer and get them as it is quite normal to have one set for summer and another for winter.

Now in the UK i dont see it being that easy and exect u might have a few raised eyebrows when asking for steel rims - i have heard that steel rims from a primera fit but i have not tried this myself so dont hold me to it.

once u find out the specs of the wheel u could get them cheaper from a motor factor.

in germany they wanted close to 1000 euro for a set of tyres and wheels but thats dealer prices and an expensive one at that.

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Hello folks

What winter tyre / rim combo would you suggest for an IS300? Could anyone suggest a decent all-year-round tyre? I know very little about tyres other than whether they're legal! When I bought my IS (in the summer.........) I was impressed with the grip of the Bridgestones, but in anything more than slightly drizzly weather they're not good, and I end up driving like an old man on a Sunday jaunt. I have been considering buying a battered old 4x4 for the winter, but maybe a new set of tyres would be cheaper!!!

All the best


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On my 300 I run standard rims (a spare set) with the same size as I normally use (225/45/17) but with winter tyres (Toyo Snowprox).

It's not the best way to do it from a grip point of view, as narrower/taller rubber would be better, but I wanted to keep the look the same - and it's definitely better than the stock tyres in these wintery conditions.

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how do u find the snowprox?  i had them on the back but had to swap them to the front as didnt find them that great, michelin alpins on the back now  and they are fine.

To be honest, when I first put them on they were horrendous - I nearly lost it at the first bend and under braking so I decided that if they didn't get better (due to releasing agent wearing off or whatever) I would bin 'em.

Putting a few hundred miles on has seen decent levels of grip appear but their performance does drop-off as the temperature goes up.

Conditions were pretty horrible yesterday but I had no problems at all, so at the moment I'm quite happy with them - When they were brand-new they were by far the scariest bits of rubber I've ever used :ohmy:

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i will get the P/N for the steel rims later, they also fit the its a common wheel

Hey Monster Mat!

I know it's a while since you posted this, but did you manage to get anwhere with the P/N for a set of 16" or 17" steels? I'm wanting to get a set of Winter tyres (after a nasty situation on a Swiss road where I had to release the wheel of my new IS200 and let it spin like a record!!! Even with chains on the rears! Wasn't a nice feeling, I can tell you! I'd only had the car a few weeks. No damage, though, :D )

I called up a few Lexus dealers here in the UK and asked about steels, and they say "there aren't any". My response was "well, busses and 18 wheelers have steels, so why no for a lexus?" :angry:

It's getting to the point where I'll just buy a set of 5 winter tyres and when the time comes, pop into my local tyre dealer, and aske them to switch with teh original tyres. But a set of steels would be a whole lot better!!!

Any advice would be good, and if anyone else can tell me where I can get some would be appreciated.


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