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Sending Money Orders


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guys guys guys, need some help,,, i need to send a money order to the US (wont take UK registered CC or pay....wowwypops)

ive never done a money order before,, whats the deal....

whats it for Paul?

just that not accepting CC, paypal etc, wanting money order, western union - is a "red flag" to me of a dodgy deal.

if its a well known legit company - then its a bit of a pain.

if its a eBay deal - think carefully about it mate

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its not an eBay thinng, its a reputable company for all accounts,, in the US, they only ship to canada or USA,, and only accept CC, paypal via a US registered CC or account..

im having great fun getting a US address to post to (now that im not at work so cant use my work addy)

personally i cant see the problem with using a UK verifed paypal or even AMEX,,, the americans love AMEX...

gona try a fudge there system buy putting in a US billing adddress and then selecting paypal,, see what happens..

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