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Autotrans Fluid Change

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There seems to be a design fault with this gearbox and it is advisable to change the fluid. Only use Toyota T-IV fluid.

If you just drain the pan (which is changing just under half of the total fluid) you will need just over 4litres

Hi Colin, does this go for the UK spec too?



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Dealers in the US seem to suggest every 20-30k miles.

I will probably do mine once a year, although I will do 2 or 3 this month to try and get most of the old fluid changed - don't want to risk having it flushed which would change all the fluid in one go.

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The Toyota fluid would not be made by them but an oil company or the gearbox manufacturer Aisin AW.

Using anything else is at your own risk, it states in the owners manual not to use anything else. This isn't just because they want you to purchase their fluid, all other fluids/oil they give a spec that you can use - Toyota or not.

I have heard of several people that have tried different fluids, including Mobil, and have had poor gearchange or complete gearbox failure as a result.

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It's possible that dirt sitting at the bottom of the transmission can be mixed up and forced into the valve body. Also if the equipment isn't cleaned beforehand with T-IV you will get non-spec fluid in the box.

As the UK doesn't have many auto transmissions there aren't many places that would have the equipment anyway.

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