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Gs300 Front Wheel Shudder


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I had the front discs on my 99 GS300 sport reground as they were starting to get noisy - re-fitted them with a new set of EBC pads and experienced terrible wheel wobble on braking

Decided to have them re-faced again but pretty much the same result.

Binned the discs and bought a pair from my local motor factor for £85, fitted them but still have brake judder at high speed and even at low speed now the steering feels as if I am driving on a bumpy surface all the time.

Any suggestions - I have had the front wheels off 4 times now and am getting fed up - the only thing I can see is there is movement in the caliper without pressure on the pedal which would appear to indicate the sliders may be worn - but I'm not sure if there would be movement anyway??

Can anybody shed any light please!

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First off ,swap the rear wheels to the front and re-road test, if its better its going to be either wheel balance or damaged tyre.

Do you get the vibration throught the steering wheel, when your NOT braking ?

If you only get the vibration through the steering wheel when braking, it could be a problem with the discs not seated correctly on the hubs or distorted hubs.

If you only get the vibration when braking through the brake pedel and NOT the steering wheel , could be distorted rear discs.

If you find yourself with no sanswers ,ask your local MOT testing station to put your car on their brake rollers ,they should be able to tell you which brake disc is distorted :)

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